Training & Capacity Building

Given its extensive involvement in international projects, mainly in Africa, our office is regularly called upon to develop training programs and course content as well as to assist government agencies in the management of natural resources and environmental protection. In addition, in most of the projects carried out abroad, our specialists are called upon to provide technical training for local personnel in order to ensure a transfer of know-how and an optimal integration of the project into its environment.

Over the years, ADA Consultants has partnered with leading specialists in the field of training and capacity building, allowing us to offer our clients training programs that promote learning and optimize the impact of our mandates. In addition, our expertise in institutional support ranges from advising on capacity support for institutions in development or environmental management, to hands-on field training and training of trainers.

The following are some of the services we provide in the area of training and capacity building for our clients’ staff:

  • Training and capacity building of the Ministry of Hydraulics, Energy and Mines (MINHEM)/Direction Générale de l’Eau Potable et de l’Assainissement de Base (DGEPA) UNICEF Burundi
  • Training and capacity building of the Members of the PRODECE Coordination Unit and the Executives of the Ministries and the Project Executing Agency-Gabon, World Bank
  • Training and capacity building of the Fish Town Harper Road Project (FTHRP) Phase II staff, Ministry of Public Works, Liberia (ADB),
  • Training of the staff in charge of managing the Monitoring and Evaluation Information System of the : (i) SIAPEP in Pakistan, AGEROUTE in Senegal, (ii) PST in Burkina Faso, (iii) GIRMAC and PDMAS in Senegal, (iv) PRESAR in Guinea-Bissau, (v) PAGEFCOM in Benin, (vi) MININFRA in Rwanda, (vii) PAISAC in Canada, (viii) PASEP in Chad, (ix) ASRP in Liberia, and (x) PAIA-ID in Côte d’Ivoire.
  • Capacity building in Results-Based Management, training offered at ADA Consultants’ headquarters in Canada: (i) AGEROUTE Senegal; (ii) PAIA-ID, Côte d’Ivoire; (iii) PAGEFCOM, Benin; (iv) PASEP, Chad; (v) PDMAS, Senegal; (vi) PRESAR, Guinea-Bissau; (vii) WAEMU.
  • Initial and ongoing training, on-site or at ADA Consultants’ headquarters, provided to key users and administrators of LogAlto, the computerized monitoring and evaluation system offered under project M&E mandates: (i) SIAPEP, Pakistan; (ii) DNKA (AGEROUTE), PDMAS, and GIRMAC, Senegal; (iii) FTHRP, AIDP, and ASRP, Liberia; (iv) PAIA-ID, Côte d’Ivoire; (v) UN-WFP, Italy; (vi) PASEP, Chad; (vii) MININFRA, Rwanda; (viii) PAGEFCOM, Benin; and (ix) PRESAR, Guinea-Bissau.
  • Training of personnel in charge of managing the internal monitoring and evaluation information system of PADSA, at the various levels (PCU; decentralized implementing agencies);
  • Basic training for Specialized Technicians in Agro-Food Technology and Marketing and development of teaching materials: (i) PADSA, in Benin.
  • Institutional support to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Rwanda for policy review and reorientation of livestock and environmental management strategies, and training of Rwandan counterparts to ensure technology and knowledge transfer. African Development Bank.
  • Technical assistance and training for managers and technicians of the Projet d’appui au Développement Rural de l’Ouémé (PADRO) in Benin