Technical & Professional Training

Given our involvement in projects all around the world, our office is regularly asked to develop training programs and courses in support to the government agencies and ministries involved in the management of all activities ranging from agriculture, natural resources and environmental protection to large-scale infrastructure projects. In most ADA’s mandates, our specialists are called upon to provide technical training for local staff to ensure sustainable development and knowledge transfer in view of ensuring the optimal integration of the project organization and involved communities.

Over the years, our office has had the opportunity to develop privileged partnerships with world-leading experts in the fields of training, capacity building, and knowledge transfer to provide to our customers high-quality training programs to maximise the benefits at the end of their project. Our expertise in training and institutional support goes from the role of supporting the development of institutional capacity to practical training sessions and training of trainers.

Below are some of the training and capacity building services that were provided by ADA in the recent years:

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the Skills and Employability Development Project (PRODECE)
  • Design & Establishment of a WASH Monitoring and Evaluation System
  • Training of personnel responsible for managing the Information System of Monitoring & evaluation: (i) SIAPEP, Pakistan, (ii) AGEROUTE Road Rehabilitation Projects (RN2-IAM & DNKA), in Senegal; (iii) Fish Town Harper Road Project (FTHRP) Phase I, in Liberia; (iv) PST in Burkina Faso, (v) GIRMaC and PDMAS in Senegal, (vi) PRESAR in Guinea-Bissau, (vii) PAGEFCOM in Benin, (viii) MININFRA in Rwanda, (ix) PAISAC in Canada, (x) PASEP in Chad, (xi) ASRP in Liberia;
  • Training of the staff who are responsible for the management of the PADSA at different levels in M&E information systems;
  • Institutional support to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Rwanda for policy review and reorientation of strategies for breeding and environmental management / training Rwandan counterparts to ensure transfer of technology and knowledge (funded by AfDB);
  • Training of managers and technicians for the PADRO, Benin, where a two-week course was developed and presented to staff on the following topics: general principles of database management, processing data in SPSS, the SPSS Windows, file management, import and export data using a look-up table, control, and editing tables.