Development of the Country Office Monitoring and Evaluation Tool (COMET)

Country: Italy + 80 country offices

Client: World Food Programme

Year: 2012-2014

testWFP/David Gross
In 2011, WFP committed to the implementation of a corporate monitoring and evaluation tool—the Country Office Monitoring and Evaluation Tool (COMET)—that aims provide a comprehensive M&E/RBM tool for users across the organization from Country Office to Regional Bureau to HQ.  It allows managers in the field and in headquarters to view updated information on a project’s performance at any given time; previously such information was only available once annually through the Standard Project Report. COMET  has two modules: The Design Module is used to design, plan, monitor, evaluate and report on the performance of projects. It allows country offices to design logical frameworks, monitor performance indicators, and produce a logframe matrix to be included within the Project Document. It also automatically feeds information into corporate reports such as the Standard Project Report (SPR) and the Annual Performance Report. The Operational Planning Module allows to create Partnership agreements, Food Release Notes (FRN), Distribution Reports, CP completion reports, to enter monthly distribution data, and to track the number beneficiaries feeding days and the number of beneficiaries assisted, as well as the demography of assisted beneficiaries. In both modules, documents go through an approval process at the country, regional bureau and headquarters levels to ensure that a robust project design / operational planning is in place.

Nature of the services provided :

  • Licence for Prome Web (unlimited users)
  • Pre-development workshop: Business analysis (needs study), Development of the System Design Document for both modules, preparation of mock-ups and data models
  • Development of Module A: the M&E module based on Prome Web
  • Development of Module B: the operational planning module
  • AGILE project management, including daily stand-up meetings, bi-weekly iteration planning and review meetings, tasks management with Jira and GreenHopper, consultation with the Client on a daily basis, QA and testing.
  • Preparation of releases
  • Provision of technical documentation

Since 2014, continued development has been transferred to our partner DevAlto Technologies.