Design and development of a Planning and Monitoring & Evaluation Information System for the WAEMU

Country: Burkina Faso

Client: WAEMU

Year: 2011-2012


Design and development of a web-based Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Information System (PMIS) for the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU). The PMIS will allow the organization to:

  • Conduct Results Based Management (RBM) on various dimensions and levels of aggregation. (strategic, organizational, geographical, functional, etc.)
  • Develop the annual plans and Budgets – AWPBs (programme level).
  • Track the results indicators and monitor the implementation of the AWPBs of the various programmes.
  • Link the programmes results to the global (strategic) results.
  • Design and manage online surveys and analyze compiled survey questionnaires.
  • Manage the competency profile and training of their staff (Human resources Module).
  • Import / export data from/To other IT solutions (financial software, documents management software, the website and the Active Directory)

Thus, the following activities were conducted : i) Needs assessment, ii) customization of the M&E software Prome Web, iii) Integration with the other IT solutions and the website, iv) training and launching, v) technical support to the users and technicians.