Impact assessment of the Technical and Vocational Education Modernization Project


Country: Kazakhstan

Client: Ministry of Education and Science

Year: 2013-2014


The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan is implementing the ‘Technical and Vocational Education Modernization Project’ (TVEMP) to support the Government of Kazakhstan in modernizing the technical and vocational education system as to provide the economy and employers with qualified specialists who possess competitive skills and provide opportunities for continued learning and in-service training

The Mission has ensured that the methodology used to conduct the evaluation of the TVEMP is results-driven, incorporating the principles and best practices established by the World Bank and the OECD in accordance with Results Based Management (RBM) Principles.

The evaluation has assessed how the project progressed towards its objectives and desired outcomes. It identified strengths and weaknesses in project design and implementation, and provides recommendations on design modifications that would increase the likelihood of success.