Third Party Monitoring Evaluation of the “Alternative Well-Being Support Project for Children and Young People Involved in the Cobalt Supply Chain” (PABEA-Cobalt)

Country : Democratic Republic of Congo

Client : Ministry of Social Affairs of DRC

Year: 2021-2024

Description :

PABEA-COBALT aims to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the populations in the provinces of Lualaba and Haut-Katanga in the DRC by the installation of a responsible chain for the supply of cobalt ore.

With the promotion of the agricultural value chain integrating agricultural processing innovations and technologies as well as NICTs, the project plans to increase the availability of locally produced staple foods from 10% to 50%. It  also plans to set up 2 vocational training centers specialised in agricultural and artisanal mining trades and to support the rehabilitation / construction / equipment and capacity building of 40 social structures (education, health, water-sanitation). The PABEA-COBALT also aims at strengthening the institutional framework to extend the elimination of child labor in all other categories of mines. Thus, the project will have a direct impact on improving the quality of life of 25% of the population of two provinces (i.e. 1,409,588 inhabitants) and an indirect impact on improving the quality of life of the entire population of the two provinces (5,638,233 inhabitants).

By strengthening the institutional framework and diversifying the family’s sources of family income, the project aims to achieve the following objectives of the National Strategy:

  1. Reduction of the economic vulnerability of households through the promotion of agricultural cooperatives and entrepreneurship to achieve an income of $ 450 per month / household ;
  2. Family stability through the promotion of family planning, the facilitation of access to basic social services, the protection of children’s rights and the strengthening of extracurricular activity structures ;
  3. Improvement of governance through sensitization and institutional support of the fight against the presence of children in mines ;
  4. Promotion of the duty of care of mining companies to ensure their co-responsibility for the protection of children’s rights.


Services provided :

  1. Design and Establishment of the Baseline values of indicators
  • Mobilization of Resources and Preparation of Technical Assistance Tools
  • Design of the Monitoring-and Evaluation Information (M&E) System and production of the M&E Manual
  • Establishment of the Baseline (elated socioeconomic indicators)
  • Validation of the Deliverables, Implementation of the M&E System and Capacity Building
  1. Support for Project M&E Operations and Conduct of the Mid-Term Evaluation
  • Support for the Planning and M&E Activities
  • Conduct of the mid-term Evaluation
  1. Conduct of the Impact Evaluation of the project
  • Definition of the end line data collection methodology
  • Conduct of the Impact Assessment and Evaluation by the Beneficiaries
  • Progressive Disengagement of the Mission and Consolidation of achievements